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Avhandlingar och disputationer


Emmelie Barenfeld: How to support knowing and doing in promotion of health - Lessons learned from the Promoting Aging Migrants' Capabilities program


Nils Beckman: Epidemiological studies if sexuality in old age (EPINEP)

Qarin Lood: Discovering the capabilities of ageing persons who are born abroad (FRESH)

Isabelle Ottenvall Hammar: Navigating Towards a Self-determined Daily Life in Old Age (FRESH)

Thorsteinn Gislason: Frontotemporal dementia among the elderly (EPINEP)

Robert Sigström: Psychiatric symptoms and disorders in old age: prevalence, course and diagnostic thresholds (EPINEP)



Helena Hörder: Successful ageing with a focus on fitness and physical activity (EPINEP)

Madeleine Mellqvist Fässberg: Suicidal behavior in late life (EPINEP)

Pär Bjälkebring: Age Differences in Experience and Regulation of Affect (ADA-Gero)

Christina Ekelund: Being an agent in ones’ own life. How self-determination can be understood, perceived and evaluated in a context of community living frail older persons (FRESH)

Zahra Ebrahimi: Older adults' experiences of health in frailty (FRESH)
Helen Berglund: Quality in the continuum of care for frail older persons - Structure, process and outcome (FRESH)

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